damaged area

This damage originates from our client’s production process.

cold spray

The appropriate powder was selected for the repair using cold spray.

mechanical processing

To restore the original contour of the component, a mechanical machining was carried out.


The Cold Spray process offers diverse possibilities for processing various materials such as metal and steel components, glass, ceramics, and many types of plastics. Due to the high kinetic energy of the powder particles acting upon impact on the substrate (base material), high temperatures are not required to produce homogeneous and strongly adherent layers.
This innovative process enables us to build very thin layers (in the range of hundredths of millimeters) as well as thicker layers up to several centimeters. The geometry of the component to be coated typically poses no obstacle.
Furthermore, we can closely match the basic properties of the substrate and, if necessary, improve them (material refinements and layers for wear protection).

Save resources -
minimize costs

You thereby have the opportunity, among other things, not to have to replace components that may need to be scrapped with new or replacement parts. Size and weight of the component do not matter to us.

After selecting a suitable powder or powder mixture, we prepare the component for spraying, and if necessary, also perform mechanical post-processing. The finished spray layers can be machined very well (e.g. by turning, milling, grinding) depending on the component geometry and surface requirements. Additionally, we offer the possibility of restoring free forms.

Our application engineers communicate closely with our customers in advance, during the processing phases, and upon completion to find the best possible solution. Contact us for your specific application case.

  • innovative powder coating, e.g. for repairs, refinements, wear protection and additive manufacturing
  • applicable to nearly all metals, glass, ceramics, and many types of plastics

  • applications of various powder specifications
  • no melting or fusion of the substrate

  • no additional heat input

Our innovative
process, for your


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